alexander kemp playground (cambridge)

If you happen to be in the Boston area, and want to visit one of the most unique (and awesome!) playgrounds around, head on over to the Alexander Kemp playground on Cambridge Common. Easily accessible from the red line (Harvard stop), take a quick stroll through the park to see:

  • where Washington gathered his men
  • the golden horseshoes memorializing William Dawes’ ride
  • a memorial to Irish famine victims

Next you’ll probably pass by several patches of students hanging out, playing games etc., and then finally you’ll make it to the playground.

Even before entering the gate, you’ll notice from the outside that this playground looks a little different from the ubiquitous primary-colored plastic slides and swings you see in most modern playgrounds.

These things inside here seem to be made of wood and ropes and – almost too crazy to believe – real trees.

There’s a wooden boat climbing structure that actually feels like a boat, woven swings and a circular merry-go-round that can accommodate a wheelchair. Best of all for the tiny tots, there is a series of metal troughs where you can regulate the flow of water from pumps above to spouts below, along with a huge sandy area with buckets and pulleys, and there are large wooden blocks and a conveyor belt to move them.

I’ve read some articles about the dangers of this park – sure, someone could get hurt (clocked in the head with a block, or falling off the top of the boat they scaled), so it definitely makes you stay close to your little one(s), which – the other downside – can be hard to do when it is teeeeming with people on a beautiful summer day. But it is so beautiful and rewarding that it is totally worth it.

Ah, and a tip: bathing suits for the little ones so they don’t get their clothes soaked/filthy when they sit in a trough and then in the sand. Not that something like that happened to one of my children! Er, um, yeah …


holy cow, packing for virginia!

That’s right, boys and girls – Kip is moving to Virginia! Woah, that came out of left field!!! (from Fenway to Camden Yard apparently)

So here in the last week of Boston there is lots to be done:

  • last time at Full Moon as a down-the-street resident
  • watching as many Red Sox games as possible
  • let’s not forget Harvard Square

Al0ng with all the work left to be done:

  • pack books at Gloucester condo
  • clean Gloucester condo
  • finish Gloucester condo!
  • pack camping cubes of baby goodies for the trip down
  • pack immediate books, music, and clothes
  • other baby stuff: baby beds, booster seats, and toy box
  • don’t forget your bike!

things the tater tots have grown out of …

To sell at the MOT spring sale this March – try not to forget anything!!

  • infant car seats and bases
  • bouncy seats
  • jumperoo
  • baby play kitchen
  • push-car and popcorn vacuum
  • spring/summer outfits (can’t sell winter stuff at this sale)
  • go through toy box for infant-like toys they don’t use anymore

Start boxing up the stuff for the MOT fall sale too (all those winter goodies!) …

packing for Spain! (first step: carry-ons)

OK, here we go! Just one more week (and a day, but who’s counting?) until we head off for two weeks in sunny Spain. Well, it’s not super-warm there either this time of year, but it’ll definitely be warmer than here. Anyway, time to get cracking on the packing!

First off, here’s what we’ll need to carry on the plane with us. Next I’ll get to the big suitcases.

  • babies
  • passports
  • KangaKid backpacks (still using these, at 14 months and counting)
  • enough diapers for 24 hours
  • wipes and vaseline
  • ziploc baggies
  • snacks (cheerios, Japanese rice crackers, cookies)
  • bibs
  • sippy cups, bowls, and spoons
  • blankets and stuffed animals
  • pjs and extra change of clothes
  • jackets and hats
  • baby tylenol
  • 2 new books each
  • 2 old books each
  • new toy each
  • old chewing toy each
  • toy keys
  • ziploc with carry-on toiletries
  • grown-up book (wishful thinking)
  • flip video/camera
  • grown-up change of clothes
  • grown-up jackets

stuff to do with toddlers in boston

here are some great tidbits froma  list sent out by another twins’ mom:

Children’s Museum – on Fridays, open until 9 pm, admission is $1 after 5 –
Aquarium –
Science Museum (has a discovery room – great for young children) –
Museum of Natural History at Harvard (animal exhibit, etc.) –

Pools that offer day passes:
Sonesta Hotel across from Cambridgeside Galleria
Seaport Hotel in South Boston
Marriot Longwharf
Marriot Charlestown
Charlestown YMCA
Indoor water park in Danvers –

Puppet Showplace in Brookline –
Regent Theatre in Arlington –

Farms with Animals:
Drumlin Farm in Lincoln –
Codman Farm in Lincoln –

book review: Jacob Have I Loved (Katherine Paterson)

That’s another list I have to make – a list of all Newbery award winners to read … which was one of the reasons I read this book (1981 winner). The other was that it’s about twin sisters. Sounds applicable and interesting! Except …

Right, I just found the main character sooo bitter and depressed (and depressing). I just didn’t want to hear another complaint out of her, about how wonderful her sister was, and how awful she was. Ever think it’s your attitude, honey? What a downer. Anyway, hope neither of my twins ends up feeling bitter or that she is anything less than her sister. Well, that would be hard, because both of mine are just totally perfect, heh heh.