Inspired by … Beginnings


Polishing a novel and sending it out into the world is a wonderful feeling. It can take a couple of weeks to decompress after all those seemingly endless rounds of drafting, revising, and incorporating feedback. You took something that began as a tiny spark and blossomed into a full-length novel! You deserve a break.

But then that other feeling comes back, tempting, pulling, dragging you to the keyboard. That feeling that you might be ready to experiment with something else. A new spark has come to you and won’t leave you alone. You think, you think some more, and then you give in. You pull up a chair in front of your computer.

And you write.


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Inspired by … the highs


Writing is filled with all kinds of highs: coming up with the perfect plot twist, nailing an amazing sentence, giving an unlikable character a tiny bit of humanity.

But there’s a special kind of high that comes when Good Things happen to your manuscript out in the world. We all know about the Bad Things that inevitably happen to every writer: rejection, bad reviews, bad timing, so it’s important to grab those Good Things and squeeze them close to you when they happen. This week, I’m grabbing some inspiration from that kind of high and tucking it away for later.

Because I got into The Writer’s Voice contest, and I’m so excited! La, la, la! Take a look at my entry for my YA futuristic thriller here: Brightest Midnight.

And while you’re at it, have a sundae. Because sundaes.


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Inspired by … home


Last time I posted as part of the Thursday’s Children blog hop, I’d just returned from a trip to Spain. My post was about the inspirational details that jump out at me while traveling.

This week, my city was attacked.

I didn’t take my kids into town to see the marathon on Monday, but I’d considered it. It’s the sort of thing we do. I love to go in and take advantage of the fun events available in town year-round. Boston is a great city with cool things going on all the time, especially in those few months where it’s warm enough to enjoy being outside.


This time, we were lucky we didn’t go. I feel the pain of those who know someone affected or who witnessed the chaos of the aftermath. I’m still in shock, and still horribly, horribly sad that someone would do this.

Still, Boston inspires me. Its people inspire me. The way people on the scene ran to help, the way doctors and nurses at some of the world’s best hospitals stayed as long as was needed to do all that they could, the way we stand together, not afraid to go into town.


I love you, Boston!

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