kip’s yoga challenge!

Seeing as I have no time to do anything these days, I’ve given myself what I’m calling “the yoga challenge” to combat two of my biggest problems:

  • insomnia
  • no time to exercise

The idea is that right after I pop the tater tots into bed, and before I start up the computer to do the myriad of stuff I don’t have time to do during the day, I pop in a Rodney Yee DVD for 12 minutes  – yes, 12 completely doable minutes – of yoga. My goals are to somehow relax, prepare my mind to shift into high gear, and stretch out my body. It’s hard to let a dancer’s body stiffen up and stagnate for too long, and it’s been too long!

It’s been 2 nights in a row now – I want to see if I can do it for a full week straight. If I can, I might actually try to double it to 24 whole yoga minutes, totally out of control …


favorite PBS shows

kips don’t watch a lot of TV, but the best shows are on PBS – especially these:

kip’s cars

Since my brother just got a new car, ooooh, I thought I’d make a list of all the cars I’ve had the pleasure (cough) of owning since I learned how to drive. Here they are in reverse chronological order, although I have a feeling I am missing some …


2003 Honda Odyssey minivan, dark green, (no name as of yet)

2004 Toyota Scion xA, dark blue, (name: Arwen)


1999 Honda Civic hatchback, teal, (name: Frodo)

1991 Honda Civic wagon, silver (name: Silver Civic Stephanie)

1992 Toyota Tercel, red (name: Mr. Peppy Car)

1988 Mercury Tracer, blue (name: Blue Betty)

1988 Ford Festiva, red (name: Mr. Happy Car)

1983 Volkswagen Rabbit, maroon (no name)

1982 Buick Skyhawk, blue (no name)

1986 Honda Civic sedan, maroon (no name)

1982 Volkswagen GTI, black (no name)

1980 Toyota truck, orange with wood (name: hick truck)

1976 Chevy Malibu, tan (shark car)