Great January Books

It’s been a wonderful reading month! It’s great to start of the year with a fresh stack of Christmas and birthday books, because it means I’ve got a bunch of new books I’ll probably be re-reading at some point in the future. I read a total of 8 books, including 1 adult book, 1 middle grade, and 6 YA.

I luuuuurved some of my Christmas gifts:

DIVERGENT by Veronica Roth (YA), which I loved as much as everyone on GoodReads, apparently. Can’t wait for the sequel!

THE PARIS WIFE by Paula A. McClain (Adult), which I got together with Woody Allen’s MIDNIGHT IN PARIS, totally throwing me into Paris in the 1920’s. Delicious.

And because I’m lucky enough to have my birthday on Twelfth Night, I also got:

FLUTTER by Erin Moulton (Middle Grade), which was as gorgeous and delicate as wild and adventurous. A beautiful story of sisterly love–made me wish I had a sister!

A MILLION STARS by Beth Revis (YA), which already has me fidgeting for Book Three in the series. Such an exciting read, and by that I mean the characters as much as the plot.

I’m already devouring my first book of February, and can’t wait to read more recommendations of others’ favorites in January. Happy reading!

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8 responses to “Great January Books

  1. I read Divergent quite recently too. Just finished Tabitha Suzuma’s Forbidden which has totally broken my heart. I’ve never read any Beth Revis. Must put her on my GR tbr…

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