28 minutes in 28 degrees

My mouth was watering since I was thinking about my favorite bakery in Brookline, so I figured I’d stop by for some croissants this morning. Chilly morning, did I mention? 28 degrees, ouch.

ClearFlour is tiny. I know this. Only about 6 customers can squeeze into the front of the shop at a time. It’s not a problem in the summer, when you can bask in the sun in the line that snakes around the corner.

And I knew it was chilly. But I’m a Bostonian. I had on my super-warm fluffy boots, my knee-length NorthFace down coat, and my fleece gloves and cap. All set.

The only problem was flipping pages of the novel I’m reading (Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist) with the gloves on, but I still made it through two chapters without removing a glove.

And then I got in! One epi-bread, one Vollkornbrot, four croissants, and two chocolate brioche (and $28) later, I was back on the street, humming a happy tune on the way back to my little Scion. Oh, happy day!

Yeah, it’s totally worth it.


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