gearing up for november …

It’s National Novel Writing Month:

I wonder if any other mom of twin toddlers has ever managed to write a novel in a month, hmm.

Being realistic, I don’t think I can either. Besides which, I have a half-finished novel I need to work on. So for me it’s going to be more like NaNoFiMo (National Novel Finishing Month), yaaaaay!

I’m shooting for 25,000 words (conveniently half of the goal for NaNoWriMo), which works out to 833.3 words/day. Let’s see how far I get!


One response to “gearing up for november …

  1. Oh fun! And yes, even with twins, you can totally churn out 50k in a month. Of course, my 50k was pretty much complete garbage. But it was a VAST QUANTITY of garbage, which was pretty impressive. At least to me 🙂

    I’m so excited you’re playing along! I think 25k novel completion totally counts. I’m going to email you about a writein!

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