book review: A Curse Dark as Gold (Elizabeth Bunce)

After reading the buzz on Verla’s board, I had to read this book.

As the type of kid who read the author’s note first to find out the real story behind the story, I was thrilled to see a potential explanation for the Rumplestiltskin fairy tale (and yes, I read Bunce’s author’s note first, heh).

Charlotte is a strong and likeable heroine, who also infuriates the reader at times, which made her more realistic to me. I almost wondered if I was missing something when her relationship with Randall fizzled, but it fit perfectly with her character, so I bought it.

As a young mother, I was much more terrified by Charlotte’s situation than in the original fairy tale. I was completely drawn in by her emotion and by her predicament. What would the reader do in her place?

The only part that was too drawn-out for me was the side story with the uncle and his (and thus Charlotte’s) family history. It wasn’t dramatic enough for so much attention to me.

Overall, I love these modern retellings which offer us explanations – everything from Gregory Maguire’s books to the 2005 movie “The Brothers Grimm,” and Bunce’s CURSE takes its place right beside those as an excellent work of fiction.


One response to “book review: A Curse Dark as Gold (Elizabeth Bunce)

  1. I’m always torn between reading the author’s notes first, and saving them for the end to protect myself from spoilers! I usually make it about halfway through before I succumb, and then I’m both glad and angry at myself. (Note to self: keep author’s notes spoiler-free.)

    Thanks for the review–I’m glad you enjoyed it!


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